Andrew (langenu) wrote,

Onward to buffalo

Since most of the people I know who live/have lived in the greater buffalo region are on here I figured I'd post here about my upcoming trip. From December 5th till the 10th I will be in Buffalo. I know this is a Sunday to Friday, meaning those at school in places far off probably won't be there, but if by chance anyone is around and wants to meet for a meal, a party, or just about anything else let me know. I'll be staying with a former roomate whos now at med school at U. Buff. Also, any suggestions on things to do while I'm there would be much appreciated. I was thinking about maybe going to Toronto from the 6th to the 7th as John, my old flatmate, has an exam on Wed. and I thought I'd give him some peace and quiet to study by, but any other suggestions are definitely acceptable. So I guess I'll maybe see some of you soon! (and for the first time :))
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